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Friday, October 07, 2005

Disheartening Pick

I am sorry, but I cannot support the nomination of Harriet Miers' nomination. The Supreme Court DEMANDS excellent judicial scholarship of the highest level, none of which pertains to Ms. Miers.

As a life long Republican who came of voting age during Ronald Reagan's first term in office, I am completley disheartened by President Bush's recent actions that appear to be appeasing both the Democratic Party and the mainstream media. The nomination of Ms. Miers is the final ignominy bestowed on party faithful like myself. As Bob Dylan once sang, we, including Ms. Miers, are "only a pawn in their game".

For our party to remain strong, everyday constituents must speak for up themselves and question actions by our party leaders if it does not forward the conservative cause, even if that means questioning the President. I am afraid Ms. Miers, regardless of what her views on abortion may be, falls far too short in judicial intellect that should, to be a sitting judge on the Supreme Court, be a bar that is of the highest of standards, otherwise the Court will be reduced to hackneyed politiking that will endanger the Constitution.

George Will wrote this week that this nomination seems to have been not made seriously and I agree with his assessment. Serious jurists of impeccable intellect need only apply if they want to sit on the most prestigious and, yes, the most elite court in the world.