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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mr. Robinson's Narrow World View

Eugene Robinson recent column for the Washinton Post, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/10/24/AR2005102401370.html?referrer=email, in which he was priviliged to join Condoleeza Rice to her travels to her hometown, speaks of a single-mindedness that plagues the mentality of Liberal African-Americans in this country. It speaks of a reverse racism that will never allow those who revel in it to participate fully in the opportunities America has to offer.

Secondly, he demeans her obviously loving and caring parents who, like most right-minded parents, wanted to protect their daughter from harm. Then they had the audacity, as he frames it, to expand her horizons, such as her piano lessons and show her a tiny part of the world outside of Birmingham, Alabama. Their crime, according to Mr. Robinson? They did not raise Ms. Rice "black" enough? What if Stevie Wonder never learned to play the piano? The idea would be worthy of a comedy sketch except that he is serious in his implications.

When left-of-center African-Americans can begin to look forward to their full participation in the American dream and stop looking in the rear-view mirror of America's ugly past maybe, just maybe, one day one might rise to the post of Secretary of State in the President's cabinet - or even one day be elected President.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Disheartening Pick

I am sorry, but I cannot support the nomination of Harriet Miers' nomination. The Supreme Court DEMANDS excellent judicial scholarship of the highest level, none of which pertains to Ms. Miers.

As a life long Republican who came of voting age during Ronald Reagan's first term in office, I am completley disheartened by President Bush's recent actions that appear to be appeasing both the Democratic Party and the mainstream media. The nomination of Ms. Miers is the final ignominy bestowed on party faithful like myself. As Bob Dylan once sang, we, including Ms. Miers, are "only a pawn in their game".

For our party to remain strong, everyday constituents must speak for up themselves and question actions by our party leaders if it does not forward the conservative cause, even if that means questioning the President. I am afraid Ms. Miers, regardless of what her views on abortion may be, falls far too short in judicial intellect that should, to be a sitting judge on the Supreme Court, be a bar that is of the highest of standards, otherwise the Court will be reduced to hackneyed politiking that will endanger the Constitution.

George Will wrote this week that this nomination seems to have been not made seriously and I agree with his assessment. Serious jurists of impeccable intellect need only apply if they want to sit on the most prestigious and, yes, the most elite court in the world.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The False Economic Hyperbole

Regarding our nation's economy and all the hyperbole that is said about it, here are some KEY facts that never seem to get mentioned regarding America's economy...

America produces a YEARLY economy of approximately $13 trillion
Total U.S. debt held in public hands will rise, in the next fiscal year, to $4 trillion
Total family net wealth -- which includes the value of our nation’s businesses, bonds, stocks, and real estate -- just hit an all-time high of $50 trillion.
The budget deficit will rise from roughly 2.5 percent of GDP to something over 4 percent.
Treasury issues (Bond Market) continue to trade around 4.25 percent.
The stock markets just registered their best third quarter in seven years.
Federal-debt-to-national-wealth ratio is at 8 percent
Global financing markets will underwrite new U.S. spending
(source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/usbudget/budget-fy2005/)

America can and will sustain its economy despite the recent hurricane devastation and higher global demand for oil. The reason for America's continued prosperity? LOWER TAXES!!! It is really a simple concept: The less a person is taxed on their income, the more they will spend on the economy which, in turn, spur business to create more jobs which create more payroll and retail taxes that can be sent to the government. This model has ALWAYS outperformed the higher tax model. Why? Because tax hikes are short term solutions that cannot sustain itself unless taxes are continually raised. Lower taxes sustain economic growth because it is self-generating and thus it is able to replenish the economy in the long term. It is not a "quick fix" which is why politicians who are short-sighted are always the first ones to call for higher taxes as if money magically appeared in the government's coffers.

The last three recessions were the direct result of raising taxes under President Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton's second term. The economy righted itself after Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton's first term, and George W. Bush's first term tax cuts.

California is the best example for lowering taxes. Under Gray Davis and the Democratic state legislature, it was insisted that the best way to balance the state budget was to raise taxes. California has been in fiscal chaos ever since.