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Saturday, September 03, 2005

What Took You So Long?

As to why it took the federal government so long to help out New Orleans, one, the levee broke after Katrina hit, exasperating and multiplying the catastrophe. Secondly, because America is a nation of rights - a beuruacratic chain must be followed in order to protect individual state's rights.

It was up to first, the mayor of New Orleans to request help from the state, and then for the state, if need be, to request help from the federal gov't. In both instances, protocol was not followed due to the magnitude of the flooding, simply not being prepared for a worst-case scenario and incompetance by the mayor and governor.

One last reason is that the broadcast networks of ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX did not deem the tragedy significant enough to warrant round-the-clock coverage, thus telling Americans that what was happening in the Gulf was not important. I am still finding it odd to sit through silly commercials that are yelling at us to buy this or that, while displaced Americans are still suffering.

I guess all those liberal elites who run the broadcast media are less liberal, when it comes to the almighty dollar, then they thought they were...9/11 did not get the short shrift when it came to covering that debacle, but, then again, 9/11 is where the media elite are headquartered.
I can just imagine network execs in their meeting/strategy rooms telling each other, "Well, it's too bad about those 'po' black folk' down there in the Gulf, but it's not like they were attacked - like we were!!! What time do we have Tommy Lee on tonight?"


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